dimarts, 4 de juliol del 2023

Noves emissions d'FRSH

Dear FRS Friends!

The time has finally come... After a (too...) long break, FRS-Holland will return to the airwaves next July/August. A combination of circumstances forced us to be inactive for more than 6 months. We do regret this inactivity but: with new energy we will soon return to the shortwave airwaves. Good news: all familiar FRS voices will join: Jan, Mike, Bert, Dave & Peter V.Important: our website frsholland.nl will be off line for a while because we switch to a new provider. That implies we will build a new site starting in July/ August. At the same time you cannot check our website for the latest details regarding the FRS Summer Splash.In this mail we will supply the most important information, share it with any radio friend/ colleague! We hope those who run a blog will share the info with their readers. Thanks in advance!!FRS Summer SplashFollowing last year's successful edition, we hope you will also enjoy the upcoming one.Our schedule: 3 weeks in a row, a 2 hour broadcast.Sunday July 23rd  18:59- 21:04 UTC/ 20:59- 23:04 CESTSunday July 30th  18:59- 21:04 UTC/ 20:59- 23:04 CESTSunday August 6th 18:59- 20:59 UTC/ 20:59- 23:04 CESTAll programmes will be thematic including various radio related items. Don't miss it!FrequenciesFrequencies will be 6185 kHz & 7700//5800 (or 5790) kHz. Last year we experienced some difficulties with a suitable5.8 MHz frequency, so it?s hard to give you the exact frequency. But it will be close to (or on) 5800 kHz.StreamsOf course there will be streams as well in the week after the shortwave broadcasts.FRSonline.dds.netWednesday July 26th/ Friday July 28th  both from 19:59- 22:04 CEST (=18:59- 21:04 BST)Tuesday August 1st/  Friday August 4th both from 19:59- 22:04 CEST (=18:59- 21:04 BST)Wednesday August 9th/ Friday August 11th both from 19:59- 22:04 CEST (=18:59- 21:04 BST)http://laut.fm/jukebox
Last year our streams were running on Thursday & Sunday following the shortwave broadcast.
Unfortunately we haven't received conformation about dates/ times. We prefer the same schedule as last year. If so, then have a look below. Realize: it's not for sure! So listen to the SW shows for the latest info regarding Laut FM streaming.Thursday July 27th      16:00- 18:00 UTC/ 18:00- 20:00 CESTSunday July 30st        10:00- 12:00 UTC/ 12:00- 14:00 CESTThursday August 3rd     16:00- 18:00 UTC/ 18:00- 20:00 CESTSunday August 6th       10:00- 12:00 UTC/ 12:00- 14:00 CESTThursday August 10th    16:00- 18:00 UTC/ 18:00- 20:00 CESTSunday August 13th      10:00- 12:00 UTC/ 12:00- 14:00 CESTNew stickersLast but not least: there are brand new stickers available with our station logo. Printed on quality paper and in full colour. Of course only available via POBox 2702.Hopefully we will meet in a few weeks' time on the shortwave bands! Enjoy the 2023 Summer.73s, the FRS Team (Jan, Bert, Mike, Dave, Brian & Peter)

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