dijous, 30 de novembre del 2017

QSL Radio Soummam, Béjaïa, Algèria

Radio Soummam, 88.7 MHz, emissora local algeriana de Béjaïa/Bugia. Rebut e-mail de confirmació amb dades completes per informe enviat a contact@tda.dz. v/s Mourad Rezigui, Directeur des Etudes et du Développement.

QSL Paradise FM

Paradise FM, 1440 KHz, pirata belga. Rebuda E-QSL detalladíssima i en dues pàgines per informe enviat a paradisefm@outlook.com. v/s Manuel Meyer.

QSL NHK via Radio Baltic Waves, Lituània

NHK World Radio Japan, 1386 KHz, via Radio Baltic Waves, Lituània. Rebut el següent e-mail de confirmació amb dades completes a més de les dues imatges superiors:

Dear Mr. Artur Fernandez Llorella,

Thank you for your correct reception report and the audio sample. This is our transmission data:

Broadcaster:             Radio Baltic Waves International
Frequency:               1386 kHz
Programme:              NHK World, Russian
Transmitter location: Viešintos, Lithuania
Transmitter type:       Nautel NX-300
Power in use:            75 kW
Antenna type:            Vertical monopole, 120 m, insulated, guyed, omnidirectional
Schedule:                  16:30-05:00 UTC
Other programs:        Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Poland

Please find attached two pictures of our equipment.

Kind regards,

Rimantas Pleikys


Radio Baltic Waves International

Informe enviat a riplei@takas.lt. v/s Rimantas Pleikys

dimarts, 28 de novembre del 2017

QSL Universe Radio via Gavar, Armènia

Universe Radio, 15230 KHz, emissora holandesa emetent via Gavar, Armènia. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a info@universeradio.nl i via el seu web: www.universeradio.nl. v/s Michiel Bouwmeester, qui m'informa que tenen previst de fer noves emissions en ona curta.

diumenge, 26 de novembre del 2017

QSL Radio Boumerdès, Algèria

Radio Boumerdès, 102.6 MHz, emissora local algeriana. Rebut e-mail de confirmació amb dades completes de l'escolta per informe enviat a contact@dza.dz. v/s Mourad Rezigui, Directeur des Etudes et du Développement.

divendres, 24 de novembre del 2017

QSL Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Rádio Inconfidência, 15190 KHz, emissora brasilera de Belo Horizonte, estat de Minas Gerais, Brasil. Després de llarga espera i múltiples intents, rebuda finalment QSL per informe enviat a gleisonferreira@inconfidencia.com.br

QSL Radio Solidaria, Mallorca

Radio Solidaria, 105.8 MHz, emissora de Mallorca. Rebuda carta de confirmació per informe enviat a través del seu web / formulari de contacte. 

Adhesius Radio Solidaria

Programes de Radio Mi Amigo Int

Hello to all Radio Mi Amigo International friends and welcome to the December-Newsletter with a lot of news at the end of the
                    Our monthly ‘high-power-broadcast’: 
As usual the last Sunday of each month we present two hours with 100 KW of music-power!.
In the 1st hour you will hear our monthly magazine 'INSIDE' where you get all news about the station and we will answer your questions, feel free to send your questions to: studio@radiomiamigointernational.com In the 2nd hour we start a new monthly magazine called 'my radio story, my songs'. Each month a DJ from our team tells his (offshore) radiostory and plays his songs of that time. We will start with Wim de Groot . 
Times and frequencys: Sunday, November 26, from 19-21hr CET [ 18-20hr UTC] on SW 5845 kHz (repeat: Thursday, November 30, 15-17hr CET [14-16hr UTC] on SW 6085 kHz), both times also online: [http://radiomiamigointernational.com%C2%A0]http://radiomiamigointernational.com 
                              More dutch DJ’s and programs 
A lot of you asked in the past that they would love to have more dutch programs.
We are proud to announce 2 more ‘big names’ from the offshore-past.
Colin Peters (‘the real one’, see pic above left) worked on the Ross Revenge from 1986 – 1989 for the dutch programs of Radio Monique, Radio 558 and Radio 819. He will take over the Wednesday ‘Hello Europe’ slot from December.
Johan Vermeer (pic above right) worked as a DJ and engenier on the MV Magdalena for Radio Mi Amigo in 1979. You can listen to Johann every Saturday and Sunday.
All news about the changes you will find within the next week also on our Homepage (click to the schedule-page and DJ-page):http://radiomiamigointernational.com
Daily news you will find always on our Facebook-page which is open for all (even if you are not a member of Facebook you can see the page) :https://www.facebook.com/radiomiamigointernational/
                          Unique Radio Mi Amigo stamps :
We are proud to announce our own official Radio Mi Amigo stamps. They are legal for use to send out our QSL Cards (printed by the ‘Deutsche Post’). You can get one of these (there are only 200 available and will never printed again from us) together with the QSL Card. 
The only thing you have to do:
Send us a reception report together with your name and complete postadress in December via the normal post (no email) and please include 1 or 2 Euro/Dollar (no IRC’s as the post does not take them here)
Please use the postadress which is mentioned above in the pic (Radio Mi Amigo, P.O.Box 212045, 10514 Berlin, Germany). You will find our postadress also on our homepage (contact-page)
The first 200 will get the exclusive QSL-Card with the Mi Amigo stamp on it. 
                              10 years shortwaveservice:
Exact 10 years ago, the shortwaveservice (our partner since more than 3 years) got his first licence for legally broadcasting from Kall-Krekel. Since then they are on the air on 6005 kHz. What started as a little hobbyproject in 2007 is now a company with 5 transmitters on the air. On November 25th they will air a special birthday show  
10 years broadcasting from Kall-Krekel. Enjoy the special broadcast on Saturday, 25th November 2017 from 15-18 UTC on 9395 kHz towards Northern America and on 5845 kHz towards Europe. This is a LIVE-broadcast so you can react to the shortwaveservice during the show. All infos you will find on:. http://shortwaveservice.com and on the Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/Shortwaveservice/