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QSL Cupid Radio

Cupid Radio, 6265 KHz, pirata holandesa. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a cupidradio@hotmail.com

QSL Radio Free Asia

Radio Free Asia, 9700 KHz, via Tinian, Illes Marianes. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a qsl@rfa.org

Programes d'IBC

Salve a tutti!
Siamo a comunicare il nuovo schedule delle trasmissioni settimanali per l'Italia e l'Europa.
Da questa settimana infatti sono 3 le ore di trasmissione ogni mercoledì sulla frequenza di 6070 kHz, con nuovi orari, ed aggiungiamo anche 30 minuti in onde medie, sui 1584 kHz di Radio Studio X; nel dettaglio:
- OGNI MERCOLEDI' 18-21 UTC (20-23 ORA ITALIANA) su 6070 kHz
- OGNI SABATO 20-20.30 UTC (22-22.30 ORA ITALIANA) su 1584 kHz
"IBC DIGITAL" è per il momento mantenuta fra alle 20.30-21 UTC in  MFSK32 e OLIVA 16-500 su 6070 kHz e gli ultimi 5 minuti di trasmissione in MFSK32 su 1584 kHz.
Vi invitiamo ad ascoltare le nostre nuove trasmissioni ed inviarci rapporti di ricezione, consentendoci così un preciso ed attento monitoraggio delle novità introdotte.
Ovviamente proseguono le nostre trasmissioni dal trasmettitore di Okeechobee FL, USA, con i consueti orari:
- VENERDI' 01-01.30 UTC su 9955 kHz
- SABATO 01.30-02 UTC su 11580 kHz
Anche in questi casi "IBC DIGITAL" è in onda gli ultimi 5 minuti di trasmissione in MFSK32.
Vi prego inoltre di prestare particolare attenzione all'allegato!
Buon ascolto e decodifica!
mail: ibc@europe.com
Hello everyone!
This is our new schedule of the weekly broadcasts to Italy and Europe.
Since this week there will be 3 hours of broadcasting every Wednesday on 6070 kHz, with new times, and we add also 30 minutes on medium wave, on 1584 kHz of Radio Studio X; in detail:
- EVERY WEDNESDAY 18-21 UTC (20-23 CET) on 6070 kHz
- EVERY SATURDAY 20-20.30 UTC (22-22.30 CET) on 1584 kHz
"IBC DIGITAL" is still on the air at 20.30-21 UTC in OLIVA MFSK32 and OLIVIA 16-500 on 6070 kHz and the last 5 minutes of transmission on 1584 kHz in MFSK32.
We invite you to listen to our new transmissions and send reception reports to our mail ibc@europe.com .
Of course we continue our broadcasts from Okeechobee FL, USA, with the usual schedule:
- EVERY FRIDAY 01-01.30 UTC on 9955 kHz
- EVERY SATURDAY 01.30-02 UTC on 11580 kHz
"IBC DIGITAL" is on the air last 5 minutes in MFSK32.
Good listening and decoding!
mail: ibc@europe.com

Programa de Radio Gloria

Radio Gloria International
every 4th Sunday of the month:
April 24-May 22- June 26-July 24- Aug.28- Sept.25-Oct.23

RGI – Alternative Music Radio
SW  (KW)     UTC              German Time
9485               6-7                8-9
7265               7-8                9-10
9485               8-9               10-11
7310              9-10              11-12

9-10 (11-12) „Shortwaveservice.com“ 
15-17 (17-19) „Coloradio.org“  and 
or listen to the SW by websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901 (by google) at the same SW-times !
hp: rgi.fmkompakt.de    
Some repeats by „ laut.fm/jukebox“ 

Programa de Marconi Radio

Please be advised that today 24 September 2016 Marconi Radio International will once again be on air, as follows: 1530-1930 UTC on 7700 kHz USB mode!.
MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts are welcome! We QSL 100%. Our electronic mail address is:marconiradiointernational@gmail.com - Please don’t forget to include your postal address as some lucky listeners will also receive a fresh off the press QSL card which can be seen on our Facebook page at this web-address: https://www.facebook.com/mriworld
Last but not least, we need your help! If you use social networks, please post an announcement on Facebook or send out a tweet the day before the broadcast. You can also forward this message to a friend. This should help increase our potential audience.
We hope to hear from a lot of shortwave listeners about our transmissions.
Best 73's
Marconi Radio International (MRI)

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QSL Das Medienmagazine DX News

Das Medienmagazine DX-News, 6070 KHz via Channel 292, Alemanya. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a radio@presse-bonn.de

Infos sobre Radio Mi Amigo

Brief News Update from Radio Mi Amigo

Hello to all Radio Mi Amigo International friends!

September already with a new busy season coming, so we want to share a few short updates with you - ahead of our next regular October Newsletter- when we will have much more exciting news for you..!

Introducing new Radio Mi Amigo stickers!

W proudly present: our new bumper stickers - fresh from the printers, available as of today! 

We'll send you some for free if you send us a reception report in the month of September - and we would really appreciate it if in return you'd send us back a picture of one of these stickers ‘sticked’ somewhere in Europe, or some other exotic place where we are received!  


New Radio Mi Amigo International QSL cards:

As 'the fastest growing AM Shortwave station in Europe' we are getting more and more reception reports literally from all over the globe.
There are always much appreciated, so we designed a brand new QSL card for those listeners who took the trouble to send us their reports.
If you send your reports via email we will send back a digital version. However, if you prefer to receive the original printed postcard version please write to us and includein your envelope either 2 IRC's, 2 US Dollars or 2 Euro for the stamps, to cover the costs.
You’ll find our post address and email on the contact page of our website: http://radiomiamigointernational.com/english/contact.html


 NEW: extra -low bandwidth- web stream for mobile and slower internet

Having trouble listening to our High Quality 192 kbps online Stereo Web Stream via your smartphone or because of slow internet connections? We heard you!
As of September 1st we installed an extra -low bandwidth- (48 kbps!) AAC+ web stream that will still give you amazing audio quality on all your mobile devices and on computers with limited bandwidth connections, especially in remote areas where high speed connections are not available.

So check it out. You’ll find these fast, direct listen links to our regular 192 kbps and the new 48 kbps AAC+ streams on every page of our website,  look for these 2 pictures, then just click on them:

 More online listen-links:
Of course there are many other ways of listening online to Radio Mi Amigo International, such as: alternative audio formats, the popular TuneIn app on Mobile Phones, Phonostar (popular in Germany) or f.i. the direct stream IP’s to add to Internet Radio receivers.
Or you even may want to try and use a ‘WebSDR’, which is an online Shortwave AM Radio receiver
All these players, info and links you’ll find here on our special ‘Listen’-page on our website:

So tune in and we’ll have more great news to come in our next regular Newsletter around mid-October!

Until then, best regards from your 
Radio Mi Amigo International Team
‘Bringing Back the Golden Era of Offshore AM Free Radio'

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QSL Radio Sylvia

Radio Sylvia, 6070 KHz, via Channel 292, Alemanya. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a info@radiosylvia.de. v/s Mark Andersen. Web: www.radiosylvia.com

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QSL SM Radio International via Armènia

SM Radio International, 11845 KHz, via els emissors de Gavar, a Armènia. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a info@shortwavecommunity.com

dijous, 1 de setembre del 2016

QSL Atlantic 2000 International

Atlantic 2000 International, 6070 KHz, via Channel 292, Alemanya. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a atlantic2000international@gmail.com