divendres, 24 de maig de 2019

QSL Radio Klabautermann

Radio Klabautermann, 6277 KHz, pirata alemanya. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a freeradio@mail.de

dilluns, 20 de maig de 2019

Nou programa de KCR

Cari Ascoltatori, siamo tornati. :-)
In questi mesi di assenza, abbiamo rinnovato tutti i nostri impianti e stabilito una connessione Internet seria nel nostro “covo”. Siamo pronti per la nostra prima trasmissione del 2019!!
Come al solito, saremo in onda quasi tutto il weekend con tanta bella musica e interessanti rubriche.
Partiremo con un tuffo nel passato con una Hit originale del 1978 di ABC Radio, emittente fondata dal Massi,che gia a quei tempi “irradiava”, a seguire due orette di bella musica in compagnia di Massi. Rubrica fissa ormai, quella del bravo Artem's World Music con tanta bella musica Cubana e una interessante panoramica sulla Radiodiffusione dell'isola.
Un oretta di Oldies USA da me selezionati e l'ultimo spazio, una fantastica carrellata di belle canzoni da tutto il mondo.
Sono certa, cari amici, che ci seguirete in molti come avete fatto sempre in questi due anni molto belli di trasmissioni. Le vostre Mail, le vostre segnalazioni ci danno tanto entusiasmo, con qualcuno di voi siamo ormai amici, alcuni lo saranno in futuro, tutto questo è fantastico.
Un buon ascolto sulle note di KCR........

Dear Listeners, we're back. :-)
In these months of absence, we have renewed all our facilities and established a serious Internet connection in our "den". We are ready for our first broadcast of 2019 !!
As usual, we will be on the air almost all weekend with lots of beautiful music and interesting columns.
We will start with a blast from the past with an original 1978 Hit by ABC Radio, a station founded by Massi, which at that time "radiated", followed by two hours of beautiful music in the company of Massi. Fixed address book now, that of the good Artem's World Music with a lot of beautiful Cuban music and an interesting overview of the island's broadcasting.
An hour of US Oldies selected by me and the last space, a fantastic range of beautiful songs from all over the world.
I am sure, dear friends, that you will follow us in many as you have always done in these two very beautiful years of transmissions. Your Mail, your reports give us so much enthusiasm, with some of you we are now friends, some will be in the future, all this is fantastic.
Good listening on the notes of KCR ........

diumenge, 28 d’abril de 2019

QSL Skyline Radio Germany

Skyline Radio Germany, 3975 KHz via Shortwave Radio, Alemanya. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a skylineradiogermany@web.de

dissabte, 27 d’abril de 2019

QSL Radio Sovereign

Radio Sovereign, 6320 KHz, piarata irlandesa. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a 1494radio@gmail.com


FRSH (Free Radio Service Holland), 5800/7700 KHz, pirata holandesa. Rebudes 2 E-QSLs per informes antics (de desembre de 2017 i 2018) després d'enviar un recordatori. Informes enviats a frs@frsholland.nl.

Programes de VORW

Dear Listeners, 

It has been 4 months since my last formal newsletter - I hope all has been well in the meantime!  There have been many schedule changes since the New Year, the most important is that programs containing music are not available online and may only be heard via shortwave. A talk-based Podcast is now available online.

Whether you are a regular or an infrequent listener, I invite you to tune in to my newest show! An updated broadcast schedule is below, any reception reports requesting a QSL will get one so please spread the word to any shortwave listeners, hobbyists and DXers that may be interested.

9 AM Eastern - 1300 UTC - 15770 kHz to Europe & North Africa (New)
5 PM Eastern - 2100 UTC - 7780 kHz to Europe & North America
6 PM Eastern - 2200 UTC - 9955 kHz to South America
8 PM Eastern - 0000 UTC - 9395 kHz, 7730 kHz to North America
9 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC  - 7780 kHz, 5850 kHz to Europe & North America

5 PM Eastern - 2100 UTC - 9955 kHz to South America

6 PM Eastern - 2200 UTC - 9395 kHz, 7780 kHz to Europe & North America
9 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 5850 kHz to North America (New)
11 PM Eastern - 0300 UTC - 4840 kHz to North America (New)

6 PM Eastern - 2200 UTC - 7570 kHz to North America
This show is on the air exclusively by your support, if you enjoy what you hear please consider a donation via PayPal to: vorwinfo@gmail.com

Online listeners may hear the talk-only Podcast via one of the many streaming services:
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/vorwpodcast
iTunes - https://apple.co/2WVs5er
Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2BsmWlg
SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int
Stitcher - https://bit.ly/2RRY3Vg
Google Play - https://bit.ly/2tfWwi4
John (VORW Radio International)

dilluns, 15 d’abril de 2019

QSL Radio Belarus

Radio Belarus, emissora nacional de Bielorússia, 3985 KHz, via Shortwave Radio, Alemanya. Rebuda QSL manuscrita i fulletó sobre l'emissora per informe enviat a radio_belarus@tvr.by, a l'atenció del Departament espanyol.

divendres, 12 d’abril de 2019

QSL "I love Italy" via WRMI

"I love Italy", 7780 KHz, programa en italià i anglès que s'emet via WRMI, Okechobee, Estats Units. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a andrea@mangiarotti.org

FRSH repeteix el seu programa

Dear FRS Friend,

Next SundayFRS-Holland will be repeating the 4 hour broadcast from Sunday March 31stFor full info (including schedule web streams) surf to: 

New and added on our website: an article about former Radio Delmare short wave front man Johan Roodwho passed away some weeks ago. 

Hope to have your company next Sunday!! Reports & personal comments are appreciated.

73s, Peter V. (on behalf of FRS Crew)

dimecres, 10 d’abril de 2019

QSL Encore Radio Tumbril via Channel 292

Encore Radio Tumbril, 6070 KHz, via Channel 292, Alemanya. Tercera QSL rebuda en pocs dies d'un programa emès via Channel 292. Informe enviat a encoretumbril@gmail.com. v/s Brice Avery.

Nou programa d'Atlantic 2000

Atlantic 2000 will be on the air :

- Saturday 13th of April from 0800 to 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz (music and radio news)
- Sunday 14th of April from 0800 to 0900 UTC on 7440 kHz (music and dedications)

+ streaming at the same time on our website : http://radioatlantic2000.free.fr
- 64 kbps
- 24 kbps
Visit our website: http://radioatlantic2000.free.fr   
Listen to our Podcasts and follow us: https://www.mixcloud.com/atlantic2000

Nou programa d'Skyline Radio Germany


After a long time of absence - WE ARE BACK ON THE AIR!

Shortwaveradio.de kindly gave us the possibility to be on air with
our shows via their transmitter located somewhere in Northern Germany.

If you would like to try to catch our programmes, six hours,
on April 20th, 2019, Easter Saturday afternoon local (15.00 - 21.00 UTC)
would be a good time to give us a listen.
Try the 75 metre band shortwave on 3975 kHz!
Let's keep fingers crossed for no geomagnetic storms!
If propagation conditions should be bad the transmission
will be postponed until further notice.

It might be a good chance for you to catch our special eQSL-card.
We look forward to your reception reports and comments to:
SKYLINE RADIO GERMANY, P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands
or via e-mail to: skylineradiogermany@web.de

Have a great time with us and Good DX,
DJ Jan-Hendrik


Nach langer Abwesenheit - wir sind wieder in der Luft!

Shortwaveradio.de hat uns freundlicherweise die Möglichkeit gegeben,
über seinen Sender in Norddeutschland mit unseren Shows auf Sendung zu gehen.

Wenn Sie versuchen möchten, unsere Programme zu empfangen, sechs Stunden,
am 20. April 2019, Ostersamstag nachmittags (15.00 - 21.00 Uhr UTC)
wäre ein guter Zeitpunkt, um uns zuzuhören.
Probieren Sie das 75 Meterband Kurzwelle auf 3975 kHz!
Wir drücken die Daumen, dass es keine geomagnetischen Stürme gibt!
Sollten die Ausbreitungsbedingungen schlecht sind, wird die Übertragung
bis auf Weiteres verschoben.

Es könnte eine gute Gelegenheit sein, unsere spezielle eQSL-Karte zu erwerben.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Empfangsberichte und Kommentare an:
SKYLINE RADIO GERMANY, P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, Niederlande
oder per E-Mail an skylineradiogermany@web.de

Viel Spaß bei uns und Good DX,
DJ Jan-Hendrik

diumenge, 7 d’abril de 2019

QSL Radio TW 6070 AM via Channel 292

Radio TW 6070 AM, 6070 KHz, via Channel 292, Alemanya. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a radiotw6070am@gmx.de

divendres, 5 d’abril de 2019

QSL Easy listening via Channel 292

Easy listening, 6070 KHz, emissora holandesa que surt a l'aire a través de Channel 292, Alemanya. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a easylistening.sw@gmail.com

divendres, 29 de març de 2019

QSL Welle 370 via Channel 292

Welle 370, 6070 KHz, via Channel 292, Alemanya. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a welle370@funkerberg.de. 
Aquest programa està relacionat amb l'associació que impulsa el museu situat al lloc on va néixer la ràdio a Alemanya, a Funkerberg, que es troba a Königs Wusterhausen, Brandenburg. Tenen un web interessant (http://museum.funkerberg.de/) i vet aquí el fulletó rebut al respecte:

dijous, 28 de març de 2019

QSL VOA via Udon Thani, Tailàndia

VOA (Voice of America) via els emissors de la IBB a Udon Thani, Tailàndia, 7495 KHz. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a manager_thailand@tha.ibb.gov

dijous, 21 de març de 2019

QSL Radio Zeewolf

Radio Zeewolf, 6290 KHz, pirata holandesa. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a radiozeewolf@hotmail.nl. L'operador m'informa que surt amb 300 watts i que aquest és el seu emissor:

Nou programa de Radio Igloo

ON SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd at 22.00-22.45 UTC (23.00-23.45 CET)
Radio Igloo will be on air from North America
Thanks to Radio Gaga who has promised to transmit our music
FREQUENCY:  6925 kHz USB  
Reception-reports are highly appreciated, and we love audio clips.
Send your reports to:   radioigloo@gmail.com
Correct reports will be verified with a brand new e-QSL
Greetings from the Igloo-studio
The Radio Igloo team

dimecres, 13 de març de 2019

QSL All India Radio, Shillong

All India Radio, Shillong, 4970 KHz, emissora regional índia. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a spectrum-manager@air.org.in

diumenge, 10 de març de 2019

QSL All India Radio, Suratgarh i Visakhapatnam

All India Radio, emissors de Suratgarh (918 KHz) i Visakhapatnam (927 KHz), rebuts el mateix dia en una jornada de propagació excepcional en ona mitjana. Rebuda QSL confirmant les escoltes dels dos emissors per informes enviats a spectrum-manager@air.org.in

QSL SDXF via Channel 292

Sveriges DX Förbund (SDXF), 7440 KHz, via Channel 292, Alemanya. Rebuda QSL per informe enviat a qsl@sdxf.se. v/s Gert Nilsson, QSL Manager.

Actualització de la llista de l'FM a Malgrat

A la banda dreta d'aquest blog, es troba una llista de les meves escoltes a l'FM des de Malgrat de Mar des del 2010. Acabo d'actualitzar-la amb les escoltes de l'any passat, el 2018. Esperem que el 2019 sigui bo en l'FM!

On the right side of this blog, you can find a list of my FM logs from Malgrat de Mar since 2010. I have just updated the list with the last logs from last year, 2018. Let's hope that 2019 will be a good year on FM!

dijous, 7 de març de 2019

QSL JOER Hiroshima

JOER, Hiroshima, 1350 KHz, emissora japonesa del grup RCC, escoltada a diferència de les dues japoneses confirmades en els últims mesos, no a través d'un Kiwi SDR a Suècia sinó des del meu QTH. Després de llarga espera, rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a radio@rcc.net i mpt@rcc.net. La resposta va arribar d'aquesta última adreça i qui escriu m'assegura que aviat rebré la QSL física per correu postal. 
Rebuda QSL en paper per correu tradicional 21 dies després de rebre la QSL electrònica.

QSL Carillon Wellbeing Radio

Carillon Wellbeing Radio, 1476 KHz, emissora local anglesa. Rebut e-mail de confirmació per informe enviat a admin@carillonradio.com. v/s G4DCE. 
He d'agrair a l'amic Mauricio Molano les dades per contactar aquesta emissora!

dilluns, 4 de març de 2019

QSL Egyptian Broadcasting

Egyptian Broadcasting, 819 i 864 KHz. Després de llarga espera i algun recordatori, rebudes 2 QSLs per correu certificat confirmant la meva escolta de dues freqüències d'ona mitjana. Informes enviats a freqmeg@yahoo.com. v/s "Propagation Department".

Programes de Radio Piraña

Saludos desde Sudamerica! Esta noche estaremos en el aire con nuestro
transmisor "beacon" (faro) con 10 vatios en portadora desde algún
lugar en la parte sur de sudamerica. La transmisión se iniciara a las
21.00 UTC has las 11.00 UTC mañana. Este esquema se repetirá varias
veces las próximas semanas. La excepción seria cuando estamos al aire
con nuestro nuevo transmisor de 100 vatios en amplitud modulada, con
transmisiones en directo. En estos momentos estamos armando el nuevo
transmisor de alto rendimiento. Estaremos informándoles.

Greetings from South America. This evening from 21.00 UTC and until
aprox 11.00 UTC tomorrow, we will air our beacon transmitter of 10
watts from somewhere in the southern part of south America. Frequency
is just around 6930 kHz CW. The msg. is transmitted in 10 WPM.  This
beacon will be on and off in the same sched the next weeks. When the
beacon is not on the reason will be that we are on with AM broadcast
around the same frequency with 100w carrier power. We are now
preparing the transmitter that we hope to have on air in the coming

73 Jorge R. García
Radio Piraña Int.


dijous, 28 de febrer de 2019

QSL Radio Fox 48

Radio Fox 48, 6295 Khz, pirata noruega. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a radiofox48@hotmail.com

dimecres, 27 de febrer de 2019

QSL Kennemer Radio 1 (KR1)

Kennemer Radio 1, 6295 KHz, pirata holandesa. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a info@kr1.nl. L'operador Ruud també m'envia algunes imatges promocionals de l'emissora:

divendres, 22 de febrer de 2019

QSL Radio María España

Radio María España, escoltada en diverses freqüències gràcies a propagacions tropo l'estiu de 2017: 92.0 MHz (Menorca), 101.9 MHz (Alcúdia, Mallorca), 98.1 MHz (Oliva, València), 101.0 MHz (Alacant), 104.1 MHz (Alzira, València) i 107.5 MHz (Castelló). Després de múltiples intents al llarg de tots aquests mesos amb la seu de Radio María a Espanya, tots sense èxit, vaig intentar-ho amb el QSL Manager internacional de Radio Maria, el Sr. Giampiero Bernardini, qui amablement m'ha confirmat totes les meves escoltes. Adreça: qsl@radiomaria.org.

dimecres, 20 de febrer de 2019

QSL WFED, Washington DC

WFED, Washington DC, 1500 KHz. Rebut e-mail de confirmació amb dades completes per informe enviat a diverses adreces. v/s Dave Koselar, Senior Broadcast Engineer, qui a més m'envia la següent imatge d'un dels seus emissors d'FM (WTOP):