divendres, 7 de juliol del 2023

Emissions de Shortwave Radiogram

Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 312, 6-11 July 2023, in MFSK modes as noted: 1:43  MFSK32: Program preview 2:50  MFSK32: Rubber-free tires may be 100% recyclable* 7:58  MFSK64: Final launch of the Ariane 5 rocket*12:44  MFSK64: This week's images*27:16  MFSK32: Closing announcements

Please send reception reports to radiogram@verizon.netAnd visit http://swradiogram.netTwitter: @SWRadiogram or https://twitter.com/swradiogram(visit during the weekend to see listeners’ results)Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/567099476753304Shortwave Radiogram Gateway Wiki: https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Shortwave_Radiogram_Gateway

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