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Noves freqüències de WMR i Radio 208

New frequencies  

This time we have to start with some very sad news. For a long time (first time was in the spring of 2004 when WMR began broadcasting from Denmark on 5815 and 15810 kHz) WMR – and now also Radio208 – have been allowed to use “out-of-band” frequencies on a non-interference basis by the Danish telecom authorities.  Now this has come to an end.  The Danish telecom authorities has now finally decided that Denmark will not comply with the ITU Radio Regulations article 4 which allows the use of out-of-band frequencies. As all Shortwave listeners know, the use of out-of-band frequencies is very widespread – it is the case for all or most of  the Shortwave stations in the US, for BBC, in Norway, Armenia, Thailand, The Netherlands, France, Germany, India etc. And many of these stations utilise transmitter power of more than 100,000 Watts  while WMR and Radio208 are using only 500 Watts at most.  

So WMR and Radio208 are now forced to change frequencies - at a rather short notice. This means that it will no longer be impossible to reach our listeners on Shortwave during evening hours, at night and in the early morning hours due to the crowded 49 meter band.

Today Monday November 30th a license was received from the Danish telecom authorities to use these new frequencies:
5930 kHz – World Music Radio – Bramming – 100W (soon 500W) – daily schedule: 0700-1745 – change from 5840 to 5930 due late December 2020
5970 kHz – Radio208 – Hvidovre – 250W – daily schedule: 0700-1600 – due on air early December 2020
15790 kHz – World Music Radio – Randers – 200W – Saturdays & Sundays 0700-2000 UTC – change from 15805 to 15790 due as of December 12th 2020

No changes for Medium Wave 927 and 1440 kHz

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