diumenge, 20 de novembre del 2016

Programes via Channel 292

Dear friends,
Christmas is near, and our schedule shows, that the holidays are really crowded.
Due to the conditions during the winter, some stations moved to daylight hours:
and some new or well known programs can be heard (again), too:
Hobart Radio from Australia, from Sweden the Swedish DX Federation,
from Germany SM Radio Dessau, and Blueman Radio is one more.
And we have a request, not only for the listeners in German speaking areas:
Surely these stations would be happy to get your reports!
to fill shortwave with life for some hours per day. They are still looking
Starting in 2017, a new station from the northern part of Germany wants
signal. To check this, they run a test program the coming week on Wednesday,
for a good partner to bring their program on air with a good and strong the 23rd, at 1400 CET = 1300 UTC on 6070 kHz.
but all the others, who are able to listen, should send reception reports
We know that for a lot of listeners this will not be a good time to tune in, to the address mentioned in the program. Please let them know how good and
for our station; maybe we even could run a second frequency in the 49 meter
strong (as we hope) you receive our signal! If this test for them shows a positive result, it would be a big step forward band.
We count on you!!

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