dissabte, 12 de novembre del 2016

Programes de Radio Ohne Namen

Dear listeners, 
For reasons of the spread condition in winter, will broadcast the popular broadcasting series “Here we go!” is preferred from 19 UTC to 14 UTC.
The broadcast repeated on Sunday 12 UTC. 
The repetitions of the old shows on Monday and Wednesday are set to 8 UTC.

Repeats can be relocated. Please check the current schedule. http://www.channel292.de/schedule-for-bookings/
On 25.11.2016 at 15 UTC we send a transmission “Irgendwas mit Medien” (Something with media). The occasion is the 30th broadcast from the popular radio series “Here we go!”
In the foreground two albums, which are no longer available, are presented with different German-speaking artists. The broadcast repeated on Saturday 26.11.2016 12 UTC.
In the broadcast for Christmas, we send a 19 minutes original radio recording on 23.12.2016 with "The Golden Seven", which was broadcast to England in 1940. Further in the show, historical German Christmas recordings are played. Immediately thereafter, there is an hour-old repetition.
On Saturday, December 24, 2016, there will be two repetitions from 12 UTC, the broadcast for Christmas and an old broadcast.
Sunday, 25.12.2016 there is the repetition 13 UTC, an additional 19 UTC.
Monday, 26.12.2016 there is the repetition 8 UTC, an additional 9 UTC.
On 31.12.2016 al 12 UTC we send a transmission “Irgendwas mit Medien” (Something with media). It is reminded of switching off the last German AM radio station a year ago.
We solemnly mourn the Requiem of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
The broadcast will be repeated at 13 UTC on Sunday, January 1, 2017.
We wish all radio listeners a good reception, peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Kind regards
Radio Ohne Namen (radio without name)

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