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Infos sobre Radio Mi Amigo

Brief News Update from Radio Mi Amigo

Hello to all Radio Mi Amigo International friends!

September already with a new busy season coming, so we want to share a few short updates with you - ahead of our next regular October Newsletter- when we will have much more exciting news for you..!

Introducing new Radio Mi Amigo stickers!

W proudly present: our new bumper stickers - fresh from the printers, available as of today! 

We'll send you some for free if you send us a reception report in the month of September - and we would really appreciate it if in return you'd send us back a picture of one of these stickers ‘sticked’ somewhere in Europe, or some other exotic place where we are received!  


New Radio Mi Amigo International QSL cards:

As 'the fastest growing AM Shortwave station in Europe' we are getting more and more reception reports literally from all over the globe.
There are always much appreciated, so we designed a brand new QSL card for those listeners who took the trouble to send us their reports.
If you send your reports via email we will send back a digital version. However, if you prefer to receive the original printed postcard version please write to us and includein your envelope either 2 IRC's, 2 US Dollars or 2 Euro for the stamps, to cover the costs.
You’ll find our post address and email on the contact page of our website: http://radiomiamigointernational.com/english/contact.html


 NEW: extra -low bandwidth- web stream for mobile and slower internet

Having trouble listening to our High Quality 192 kbps online Stereo Web Stream via your smartphone or because of slow internet connections? We heard you!
As of September 1st we installed an extra -low bandwidth- (48 kbps!) AAC+ web stream that will still give you amazing audio quality on all your mobile devices and on computers with limited bandwidth connections, especially in remote areas where high speed connections are not available.

So check it out. You’ll find these fast, direct listen links to our regular 192 kbps and the new 48 kbps AAC+ streams on every page of our website,  look for these 2 pictures, then just click on them:

 More online listen-links:
Of course there are many other ways of listening online to Radio Mi Amigo International, such as: alternative audio formats, the popular TuneIn app on Mobile Phones, Phonostar (popular in Germany) or f.i. the direct stream IP’s to add to Internet Radio receivers.
Or you even may want to try and use a ‘WebSDR’, which is an online Shortwave AM Radio receiver
All these players, info and links you’ll find here on our special ‘Listen’-page on our website:

So tune in and we’ll have more great news to come in our next regular Newsletter around mid-October!

Until then, best regards from your 
Radio Mi Amigo International Team
‘Bringing Back the Golden Era of Offshore AM Free Radio'

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