dissabte, 24 de maig del 2014

QSL Test transmission

Rebut un e-mail de confirmació per l'escolta del test realitzat des de l'emisor pertanyent a Babcock (que es troba a Wooferton, Regne Unit) el 24 de desembre passat. Aquest és el correu de confirmació rebut amb un interessant link que aconsello veure:

Hi OM,

Thank you for your report and I confirm the details are correct. These transmissions were to fault-find on a 300 kW sender at the UK HF transmitter station at Woofferton. 

The engineers needed a long test time as the fault was of an intermittent nature.

Babcock, Woofferton is the only remaining UK HF sender broadcast station and also is the only one with this transmission test audio and email address.

The audio is contained in a file playout system and incorporates non-copyright music and voice announcements from one of the employees at the transmitter site.

Thanks for your interest.


Dave G4OYX, 

Retired Senior Transmitter Engineer Woofferton 1981-2012.

Check out the video presentation of Woofferton on 

This is the first of seven more!

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