dijous, 1 de maig del 2014

Nou programa d'FRSH

Free Radio Service Holland (FRSH) tornarà a emetre aquest diumenge vinent. Aquesta és la informació rebuda:

Dear FRS Friends,After a few months' silence FRS-Holland will be on air with a test next Sunday May 4th. The test will be on 7700 kHz and will be aired twice: 
1) 07:52- 09:00 UTC/ 09:52- 11:00 CEST
2) 17:52- 19:99 UTC/ 19:52- 21:00 CEST
In case 7700 cannot be used for some reason, there are a few alternative freqs: 7685, 7705 & 7715 kHz.
We are understandably curious how reception is in your area. We've done antenna aintenance as well as carried out a few modifications on the modulator. So we would be happy to hear from you about reception quality including signal strength and modulation (loudness, quality).
Correct reports will be verified with our standard color QSL showing the offical FRS logo. 
FRSH hopes to return with a full broadcast early June. Unfortunately the proposed February 23rd broadcast had to be cancelled. Currently we are working very hard to have the brand new FRS website online some time this Summer.

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