diumenge, 15 de desembre del 2013

Nous tests de Channel 292 avui

Channel 292 emetrà de nou avui. Aquesta és la informació rebuda:

During the last weeks we have been busy with working on our new stand-by transmitter. When we were ON AIR, then only with the driver and around 60 watts. Last night we succeeded in testing the transmitter, its cooling and output filter without modulation and with a 1000 Hz tone.
So today we are able to run some tests carrying program using different power levels; 

           your reception reports would be very helpful!
We can't give an exact schedule, and surely we will have some breaks for measurement and adjusting. So just tune in to 6070 kHz; if you hear religious music, you are on 6075 :-) .
For last minute news please look at AKTUELL on our homepage: www.channel292.de

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