dissabte, 21 de desembre del 2013

Notícies de Channel 292

Dear friends of shortwave radio,
something is happening on 6070 kHz. Last Sunday the tests of our new stand-by transmitter between 9 and 10 UTC were successful. This weekend we will try to run the transmitter for the first time with regular programming. 

We hope, during nighttime, too; this should make reception possible in the U.S. For this transmission we would be glad to get detailed reception reports, esp. concerning modulation.
Furthermore we would like to draw your attention to a program of Radio Geronimo Shortwave, that will be aired on Sunday 22nd, from 10 to 12 UTC.
Reports for this you may send to:
Till next time!

Are we on air? Are there any problems? The latest news you always get at:

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