divendres, 14 de desembre del 2012

Programa especial de Nord AM

L'emissora alemanya Nord AM torna a emetre aquest diumenge. Aquesta és la informació rebuda:

Hi there, friends around the globe,

As it is only a few weeks to go till Christmas, we thought we could send you some warm vibes of well-choosen music through the magic of international airwaves. As you might remember, NordAM is a little free-radio project, broadcasting via Radio 700's transmitting station in Kall-Krekel, Germany. 

In last June, we announced to take a break for about a year, so until we return fully restored next August (yep, we're talking of August 2013 which seems to be a very long time!) on the radio, we bring you a "light version" of NordAM, which will be a little bit shorter than usual and consist of less talk, but more music. We hope you will enjoy it!

Our broadcast will be on the air on December 16th 2012, 2230 UTC on 3955 kHz and probably also on 1593 kHz. We expect 3955 kHz to be audible in many parts of Europe and maybe beyond even, while 1593 kHz can currently only be heard in parts of Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. 

Furthermore, you can tune in via our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/nordamradio and at www.shortwaveservice.com (click on "Play" on the right hand side and select 3955 kHz).

If you like, you can send us your thoughts and reception reports via email at nordam @ shortwaveservice.com. Probably there will be some QSL cards (in electronical or regular form) soon. :-) 

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