divendres, 21 de desembre del 2012

Nou programa de Nord AM

Nou programa de Nord AM per al 23 de desembre. Aquesta és la informació rebuda:

Dear friends around the world,

Wow - it's Christmas time again! And there's one thing on this planet that
can bring you in the best Christmas mood ever: It's a special edition of
NordAM of course. So if you like, tune in to our next transmission via Radio
700's broadcasting facillities at Kall-Krekel, Germany:

2230-2300 UTC on 3955 kHz (plus live-streaming at
www.facebook.com/nordamradio and www.shortwaveservice.com)
We have prepared some nice tunes from our music collection for you - but
there won't be "Last Christmas" and all the other Christmas songs.
Furthermore, last Sunday's transmission will be repeated tomorrow
(22-12-2012, 2230 UTC, 3955 kHz).

We'd like to thank you all for the nice reception reports and emails we
received in the last few days. Of course we will answer to all correct
reception reports. You may send them to nordam @ shortwaveservice.com. 

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