divendres, 21 d’octubre del 2011

Nou programa de FRSH diumenge

Aquest proper diumenge Free Radio Service Holland (FRSH) oferirà un nou programa. Aquest és el missatge rebut de Peter Verbruggen:

On Sunday October 23rd, FRS-Holland will be on air between 07:52- 14:00 UTC. Important: the broadcast is on 5800//7600 kHz but there's a chance that we will be using 7685 instead of 7600 kHz. So keep an eye on 7600 and 7685. Of course we do hope propagation will be
satisfactory that day.
Programme line-up includes all FRS presenters and consists of FRS Magazine, the German Service, FRS Goes DX , Radio Waves and the FRS Golden Show. Ingredients....great music, DX News, letters, the day calendar and a number of radio related items. Radio entertainment on a Sunday. Tune in....
Internet Stream
That same day between 13:52- 20:00 UTC/15:52- 22.00 CEST will see a full repeat on the internet. Check on your computer < http://nednl.net:8000/frsh.m3u >.
A week later, on Sunday October 30th, once again a full repeat on the internet. At this date winter time will be introduced and tas a result FRSH can be heard between 14:52- 19:00 UTC/15:52- 22.00 CET.
Address: FRS-Holland, POBox 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands
e-mail: < frs.holland@hccnet.nl>
e-mail: < frs@frsholland.nl>

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