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Nous programes de Jazz AM

Programmes are back on air after a short break.

Here is the current list of booked airtime. Updates on gbradio.uk.
More programmes are work in progress and more booked air time will be put on the website as material is ready.

Some historic airshots of Glen Miller etc require editing carefully as they are sponsored by a tobacco company and ads are woven into the music introductions. It is illegal to broadcast tobacco advertising these days and I do not want our relay partners to have any brushes with the regulators.

I will rebroadcast some of our previous programmes from 2021 onwards.

If you have any particular music requests let me know. They may be in our library!

Best Regards,


Relay via Woofferton UK

3955 Khz  2100 to 2200 UTC  

Thursday 25th April 125 Kw Relay of Channel 292 Please send reception reports to give an indication of the listener base.

10Kw via Germany Channel 292:

9670 Khz Thursday 25th April 2100 to 2200 UTC

6070 Khz Thursday 25th April 2100 to 2200 UTC

9670 Khz Sunday 28th April 1000 to 1100 UTC

6070 Khz Sunday 28th April 2100 to 2200 UTC

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