dimarts, 5 de març del 2024

Noves emissions de Jazz AM

Thursday 14th March  3955 Khz 125 Kw Relay of Channel 292 Please send reception reports 

10Kw via Germany Channel 292:
9670 Khz Sunday 10 March 1200 to 1300 CEST
9670 Khz  Sunday 31 March 1200 to 1300 CEST
3955 Khz Thursday 21 March 2300 to 2400 CEST
3955 Khz Thursday 28th March 2300 to 2400 CEST
Listeners will be aware that there is some crosstalk between the transmitters, particularly on 9670 Khz.  Channel 292 are aware of this and will be completing the tuning of the
antennae in the future.  However the signal is now much stronger  on all 3 frequencies here in Southern UK.  We continue to be grateful to Channel 292  as a Licensed  Broadcaster
for carrying our programmes  both from Germany and also relaying through the Encompass Woofferton transmitter.
The Thursday 14th March programme is a repeat of the Sunday  3rd March Programme
Sunday 10th March features  2 NBC programmes from 1939 and 1941 followed by excerpts from a 3 part CD set from Clare Teal.
All other programmes are Work in Progress! 
Keep listening
Best Regards
John ( Producer Jazz AM.) ( and Admin and Fund Raiser.)
PS . I am working through sending QSL's. Please be patient.

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