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QSL Sunlite

Sunlite, 5955 KHz, nova emissora neerlandesa en ona curta. Rebuda E-QSL per informe enviat a qsl@sunlite.nl. v/s Herbert Visser, qui m'envia també la següent informació sobre la seva emissora:

Sunlite is broadcasting at this stage with only 75 watts carrierpower using a borrowed transmitter manufactured in Greece. As you have noticed; the frequency is 5955 khz. The signal is emanating from the Dutch village of Overslag near the Belgian town of Zelzate (southwest Netherlands). The tower is 100 metres high but the inverted V-antenna has been mounted on a height of 30 meters and consists of a Teflon 1:1 RF choke.


Currently a new modern transmitter is being build by our engineer Johnny Tax and before Christmas this rig will be supposed to come on air. Sunlite’s transmitter power will then increase to a carriersignal of 500 watts (2 kilowatts peak envelope power or PEP). Initially we expected the new TX to have a maximum power of 400 watts, but by now we’ve learned that it’ll be over 500 watts and thus the power will become 500 watts in a good week’s time or so.  


Sunlite is part of RadioCorp;  a Dutch mediacompany based in Naarden in the Netherlands.  The radiostation is on the air in the Netherlands on DAB+, online, IPTV and cable as well as shortwave and is aimed at a Dutch domestic audience. The format is soft adult contemporary music and at the top of the hour each hour there’s the news from the Dutch national press agency ANP.

Other radiostations that belong to RadioCorp are the Dutch domestic FM/DAB+ stations 100% NL and SLAM! (www.100p.nl and www.slam.nl) .


Older DX-ers may like to know that the premises of Sunlite is the same as the headquarters as offshore radiostation Radio Northsea International in the early 1970’s, the so called “Hofstede” in Naarden-Bussum, just outside Amsterdam. At this location tapes were being recorded which were sent out to the MEBO II off the Dutch coast to be aired on FM, mediumwave and shortwave till the Dutch Government outlawed the offshore pirate radiostations in 1974.

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