dimecres, 4 de novembre de 2020

Nous programes de Radio 60 i Studio 52

 Radio60! & Studio52 is back on shortwave again.

 Listen us, because we turn on the transmitter:


  • Saturday 14th. November 2020, 11 – 14 UTC, 6045kHz, 100kW, via Nauen/Germany


  • Friday, 01th. January 2021, 12 – 14 UTC, 5990 kHz, 100kW, via Nauen/Germany              and


  • Saturday 02th. January 2021, 11 – 14 UTC, 6045kHz, 125/100kW, via Nauen/Germany


We Play again good old Rock- and Pop-Music from the 70´ and 80` (because we was young on this time 😉). For additional infos check our little Websites: https://radio60.jimdofree.com & https://studio52radiogroup.jimdofree.com/


i hope for good conditions on this tree days. All listeners with wrong conditions can hear our Shows via Online-Stream too > klick on our Website „to our Stream…). All correct reports we requested with a new eQSL-Card only via E-Mail.


If you cant or not completely hear the Radio60-Broadcast live, you can all our Radio60-transmissions later download on our Website.


Now i wish all listeners a good reception & good mood and pleasure to watch the transmissions.


Musicwishes, Greetings and all others please use our E-Mail (erdenman(at)gmx.de) oder via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/juergen.erdenman.7)

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