dilluns, 14 de setembre del 2020

Notícies de World Music Radio

World Music Radio on 15805 kHz (200W from Randers) will be on a slightly extended schedule this weekend from September 12th to 13th:  Broadcasting starts at 0400 UTC Saturday morning and continuous over night until Sunday evening at 2100 UTC.  

Meanwhile, WMR continues 24/7 on 5840 kHz (100W from Bramming).  Still no success in getting the 500W PA working.

Radio208 is on 1440 kHz (Ishøj) and still running 75W only (using the stand by transmitter) and on air 24/7. The big 1 kW CCA transmitter needs a new, expensive cooling system.

Radio208 is on 5805 kHz  (150W from Hvidovre) also on-air 24/7. Modulation on the low side, but this will hopefully be fixed within a couple of weeks.

 Finally – I’m sorry to say, that I am running late sending out QSL’s for the many reception reports being received. Hopefully, I will find time for this next week.

Something's always wrong at WMR/Radio208 … but still, we keep on fighting keeping shortwave and mediumwave alive.   J
Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen

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