dimecres, 15 de juliol de 2020

Nou test de LRA36

Friends and colleagues such as Horacio Nigro Geolkiewsky and Alejandro Álvarez have suggested on various occasions to evaluate the performance of the transmitter in use by LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel in USB mode.
I transmitted this concern to Damian Tranamil, the operator and technical manager of the station, who considered it possible to carry out some tests taking into account both the mode of emission and the propagation at the appropriate time.
That is why the next Saturday, July 18 and 25, between 1700 pm and 2300 UTC, there will be test broadcasts of LRA 36 on the frequency of 15476 khz USB mode.
Reports of reception to tranalra36@radionacional.gov.ar or to Facebook Esperanza San
Confirm via eQSL.

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