dissabte, 11 d’abril de 2020

Nou programa d'FRSH

FRS-Holland on air Easter Sunday April 12th 2020
Following a test broadcast in March, FRS-Holland will be on air next
Sunday April 12th. We are in the middle of an ureal reality and we feel
this is a great opportunity to reach out to many of you, especially now!
  FRS has put together an attractive schedule with great music and
various interesting topics. Common items are e-mails/letters from March,
the Phrase that Pays, Archive Sound bytes from Easter 1983 and an item
called 'Comfort & Hope'.
Because of band conditions, FRS commences transmissions two hours later
than usual at 09:52 UTC/ 11:52 CEST; full programming will be repeated
in the afternoon at approx.15:00 UTC/17:00 CEST. Please realize that
conditions in the later afternoon/ evening are (much) better than day
time conditions! Frequencies will be good old 7700//5810 (5800) kHz but
remember that these can vary if a channel isn't clear (7705, 7715, 7685,
5810, 5790). We are looking forward meeting many of you next Sunday!

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