dijous, 23 d’agost de 2018

Test vers Africa avui

Test transmission on Shortwave for listeners - primarily in Africa - today
Thursday August 23rd 2018:

*East African Time (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia etc) *19.00-19.15
EAT: 11550 kHz  (1600-1615 UTC)
19.30-20.00 EAT: 9320 kHz   (1630-1700 UTC)
22.00-22.15 EAT: 9320 kHz      (1900-1915 UTC)
22.30-22.45 EAT: UTC: 11550 kHz     (1930-1945 UTC)

*Central African Time (Egypt, Sudan, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South
Africa etc) *18.00-18.15 CAT: 11550 kHz  (1600-1615 UTC)
18.30-19.00 CAT: 9320 kHz   (1630-1700 UTC)
21.00-21.15 CAT: 9320 kHz      (1900-1915 UTC)
21.30-21.45 CAT: 11550 kHz     (1930-1945 UTC)

The purpose of the test transmissions is to find out if signal strength is
good enough for coverage in East Africa and possibly other parts of Africa
and the Middle East. And if so - what frequency (9320 or 11550 kHz) - is
the better.

The transmissions will consist of non-stop reggae music.
Please write and tell about the quality of reception for all four
transmissions. Write to: swtest818@gmail.com. (No QSLs)

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