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Nous programes de Radio Mi Amigo

As usual the last Sunday of each month we present two hours with 100 KW of music-power, this time coming from the TX in Tashkent, Usbekistan. 
In the first hour you will hear more of your soul-requests, presented by Bruno Hantson. In the second hour a new monthly magazine starts, called ‘Radio Mi
Amigo Inside’ , where you get all news about our station and you can get involved in the show. Ask your questions via e-mail and our team (including
technic questions who will be answered from the shortwaveservice.com ) will answer those in the show each month. So
feel free to send your questions to: studio@radiomiamigointernational.com 
Times and frequencys: Sunday, October 29, from 19-21hr CET [ 18-20hr UTC] on SW 7570 kHz 
(repeat: Thursday, November 2, 15-17hr CET [14-16hr UTC] on SW 6085 kHz), both times also online: http://radiomiamigointernational.com 

                Our new Monday schedule (starting Nov, 6)                                                 
Starting from November you will get also on Mondays the whole day presented programs.
Starting (as at the weekend) with one hour in german with a new DJ in the team. Reinhard has about 20 years radio-experience and can now be heard on
Mi Amigo every Monday at 9hr. The show ‘Now and tha(e)n will be all about what happened over the weekend and what is important for the new week. At
midday we say ‘welcome back’ to Ron O’Quinn presenting 2 hrs of great Oldies and Rock’n Roll. So a lot happening for you as a new week starts all trough the
day up to 20hr CET.
                                          More Dutch programs:
A lot of you asked in the past that they would love to have more dutch programs.
Some of you may remember Radio Mi Amigo International in 1979 coming from the ‘MV Magdalena’ off the Belgium coast. One of the DJ’s  was Wim de Groot
who you can already listen on a weekly basis. The next one worked also on the Magdalena, his name is Johan Vermeer, and he will take over soon the slot
“soundtrack of the 70s” which is always on a Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

A lot asked also: “Where is Peter van Dam” ? … The answer is very easy: He was never away, he just did during the ‘summertime’ non-stop produced shows,
but also his voice will be back very soon, so stay tuned for “Manneke pop” ! All news about the changes you will find within the next week also on our
Homepage (click to the schedule-page and DJ-page): http://radiomiamigointernational.com
Daily news you will find always on our Facebook-page which is open for all (even if you are not a member of Facebook you can see the page) :

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