dissabte, 2 de setembre del 2017

Radio Mi Amigo al setembre

Hello to all Radio Mi Amigo International friends,
The next '100 KW high-power broadcast' will be on September, 24 from 19-21 hr CET (17-19 hr UTC) on 11845 kHZ in the 25m SW-band 
 We need your help, you can take part on it and win a Mi Amigo Coffee-cup !
This 2hr show will be a special 'Soul/Tamla Motown Show'.
                                                       What we need ?
Please send us a e-mail where you mention two of your favourate Soul/Tamla Motown songs (released between 1964-1989). Please tell us also why you choose those songs, or what reminds you about that songs you choose. Please also include your name and complete postal adress, as three of you will win a Mi Amigo Coffee-Cup !
Please send that mail latest at September, 10 to:                          studio@radiomiamigointernational.com 
Our team will air those songs with the mention of your name on September, 24 between 19-21hr CET on 11845 kHz and online: [http://radiomiamigointernational.com%C2%A0]http://radiomiamigointernational.com 


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