dijous, 23 de març de 2017

Programes de From the Isle of Music

We are excited to share our A17 schedule for From the Isle of Music:

1.  Starting April 2, we will be broadcast on SpaceLine from Bulgaria every Sunday from 
1500-1600 UTC  on 9400 Khz using 100Kw.  This is aimed at Eastern Europe, but during test transmissions was well heard in Western Europe and may be audible far beyond Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 
2. Our broadcast to the Americas and parts of Western Europe on WBCQ 7490 Khz will continue Tuesdays 0000-0100 UTC. 
3.  Starting April 4, we will be broadcast on Channel 292, 6070 Khz every Tuesday from 1900-2000 UTC.
4.  Our last Friday broadcast from Channel 292 will be March 31.  However, we will continue Saturdays on Channel 292 6070 Khz from 1200-1300 UTC. 

By popular demand, our first A17 transmission (the week of April 2) will be a replay of the Pablo Menendez/GESI episode (Cuban Fusion & Jazz) followed by a new episode with Mezcla, Pablo Milanes and others the week of April 9.  We look forward to sharing a season of wonderful music and interviews with you. 
William "Bill" Tilford
Tilford Productions LLC
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