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Programa especial d'FRSH


FRS' traditional Seasonal broadcast will be aired aired on Sunday December 27th.  This year’s broadcast will see a different approach in contrast with previous editions. FRS-Holland will be airing two 3 hour blocks. The first one will be between 08:52- 12:00 UTC/ 09:52- 13:00 CET followed by an afternoon slot between 12:52- 16:00 UTC/ 13:52- 17:00 CET. Frequencies remain unchanged: 7700 //9300 kHz. There might be an evening slot in favour of North American listeners, if so details will be announced as soon as possible! Our seasonal programmes will be presented by Paul Graham, Jan van Dijk, Roger Davis, Dave Scott & Peter Verbruggen. The music of your life and more… We will ring out 2015 in a great way!
StreamingChoosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRSH goes for broadcasting on short wave in good old AM and digital high quality web streaming. You can make your choice out of two streams:
[http://laut.fm/jukebox]à Sunday Dec. 27th à15-18 UTC = 16-19 CET. 
[http://nednl.net:8000/frsh.m3u] à Sunday Dec. 27th 15-18-21 UTC 16-19-22 CET (two times in a row!). In addition there will be a repeat via Laut.fm on Sunday January 2nd 17-20 UTC = 18-21 CET. As an extra service for mobile devices there is a 24 kbps mono stream via [nednl.net:8000/frsh24.m3u]. 

Understandably reception reports and letters with comments are much appreciated and will be verified with a QSL card from our current series ‘FRS through the Years’. Each QSL of this series shows an 'element' which played an important part in FRS' 35+ year life. Curious about the previously published QSLs from this series? Surf to [www.frsholland.nl/frs-image-gallery/qsl-gallery/qsl-series.html]. E-mails please to [frs@frsholland.nl] and for anexcellent large format hard copy use our Herten maildrop: P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, the Netherlands.
You can make make your own choice and choose one of the 8 QSLs which have been offered so far in our long time running 'FRS-Holland Through the Years’ series. 
FRS-HOLLAND Programme-Schedule for SundayDecember 27th 2015
UTC TimeProgramme   ScheduleCET Time
09:00 Nonstop music10:00
09:22Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune10:22
09:30FRS   Magazine- Peter   Verbruggen with the best music from   the past decades.10:30
10:00German   ShowJan van Dijk. A brief retrospect to the music year 201511:00
10:30Dave   Scott's Radiowaves featuring classic rock.11:30
11:00Sounds   from the 80s. Paul Graham plays great (X-Mas)tunes   from the 1980s era.12:00
11:30FRS   Golden Show – Roger   Davis. Uptempo and some times rare 60s & 70s (seasonal?) stuff.12:30
12:00Close down13:00
This schedule will be repeated 13:00- 16:00 UTC/ 14:00- 17:00 CET. And perhaps in the evening.
Important: for 'last minute news'(for instance frequency changes) watch this article!!

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