dimarts, 21 d’abril de 2015

Programa de Radio Six International dissabte

This one's for the SWLs and DX-ers.
On Saturday (25th April) we're back on shortwave for two hours as an experiment to see what the reaction is.
Time: 14:00 - 16:00 UTC (3 - 5pm UK time, 4 - 6PM in Mainland Europe) 
Transmitter site: Sala, Sweden
Frequencies: 9,405kHz (31.87m) 10kW LSB (intended for the UK, Ireland 
and Western Europe)
and 3,975kHz (75.47m) 5kW AM (intended mostly for Scandinavia and North 
West Europe).
Reception reports to: letters @ radiosix.com or Radio Six International, 21 Sherbrooke Avenue, Glasgow G41 4HF, Scotland All reports will be verified by a QSL card. Return postage welcomed. 
Programme schedule: 1400 News 1402 Soundwave with John Cavanagh 1425 The Lively Lounge with Tony Currie 1445 Behind the Tracks with Susan Fisher 1500 News 1502 Saturday Sounds (live) with Tony Currie 1540 The Revival Show with Kenny Tosh 1600 Close Down
Director of Programmes,
*radio six international*
21 Sherbrooke Ave, Glasgow G41 4HF, Scotland
+44 141 427 0531
/AM, FM, Digital and online
rebroadcast affiliates in
Australia, England, New Zealand,
Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA/

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