divendres, 16 de gener del 2015

Programes via Channel 292

Program on 6070 kHz this weekend
(CET/MEZ = UTC + 1 hour) 

on Saturday, from 7 to 11 UTC Radio MiAmigo from Spain will be on air.  MiAmigo still is very interested in reception reports, so please send them to us, or directly to:

Also on Saturday from 14 to 16 UTC we will broadcast Radio Spaceshuttle  from the Netherlands, spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com

and on Sunday from 9 to 10 UTC 8Radio Irelandonair@8radio.com
For both stations these are tests, and reception reports are very important for them!

In the night from Saturday to Sunday (Jan. 17./18.th), we will be on air all night long to check if and where we might be heard during nighttime. We want to know if it makes sense to have
the transmitter running at night. We ask all of you to send us reports for these test; and if you
can't hear us, a short notice would help us, too!

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