diumenge, 22 de setembre del 2013

Nous programes de Nord AM

Nord AM torna a emetre avui i en les properes setmanes en ona curta. Aquesta és la informació rebuda de l'emissora:
This is just a short notice to remind you of today's special NordAM broadcast with interesting African music. Torben has brought a bunch of songs from Ghana into the show and we talk a little bit about what he has done in the past few months down there. There will be even a new frequency for our show this time:
1400-1530 UTC: 6005 kHz and 7310 kHz 
2000-2130 UTC: 3985 kHz 
as usual transmitted via Kall-Krekel / Radio 700.
And via live-streaming at the same times at www.facebook.com/nordamradio und http://bit.ly/nordamradio
Please note that there will be a short Radiogram at the end of the show in MFSK16 and 32. 
Furthermore, there will be a special eQSL for this show
Our email address: nordam @ shortwaveservice.com.
We will be on the air on September 29 and October 6 again at the same
times and frequencies. So do tune in – if you like. :-)
All the best, 
Torben & Daniel 
P.S: More details about Radio 700: www.radio700.eu. Our transmission is 
made possible thanks to www.shortwaveservice.com (see this page for 
technical details and schedule updates!).

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