dissabte, 15 de juny del 2013

EMR i Geronimo SW demà

EMR i Geronimo SW emetran demà. També cal destacar que EMR deixarà d'emetre aquest estiu per tornar-hi el proper setembre. Aquesta és la informació rebuda:

European Music Radio:
07.00 to 08.00 UTC on 7265 kHz via MVBR
08.00 to 09.00 UTC on 9480 kHz via MVBR
All reports to:  studio@emr.org.uk    Thank you!
EMR's Internet broadcasts are at the following times UTC: 
0800, 1300, 1600, 1900 on Sunday & Monday:
Please visit www.emr.org.uk and click on the "EMR internet radio" button
which you will find throughout the website (see the menu on the left).
 Radio Geronimo:
09.00 to 11.00 UTC on 9480 KHz  via MVBR
All reports to:  geronimoshortwave@hotmail.com;   Thank you!

European Music Radio Transmission Information:
Due to the bad summer reception conditions Transmissions from EMR will
stop after this Sunday the 16th of June until the 3rd Sunday of September 2013.
From September the EMR schedule will be:
3rd Sunday:
7265 at 07.00 to 08.00 UTC
9480 at 08.00 to 09.00 UTC
2nd Sunday:
6190 at 07.00 to 08.00 UTC

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