diumenge, 13 de gener de 2013

Nous tests de Radio 6150

Radio 6150 comença de nou tests suposadament pels 6070 KHz. Aquesta és la informació rebuda:

Test transmissions on Sunday!

Dear Friends,

as some of you might already have noticed, our new transmitter has returned from the manufacturer. Some modifications have been made, such as improvement of the frequency stability which now is ± 2 Hz, a sharp audio filter, and increased output power of 1,8 kW - without the power amp. Currently first tests are running, we are transmitting the "original Radio Caroline":


Surely they would be happy to get some reception reports: studio@radiocaroline.co.uk
As a copy/cc you can also send it to us: qsl@radio6150.de

Thank you!

During the next days we will try to adjust the control transmitter to the power amp. The transmissions will probably be interrupted, but also much higher power will be used. We would be grateful to get your reception reports!

One more notice on our own account:

Requests regarding Relay-transmissions and rental of transmitting time with power between 1 and 20 kW at low rates, hour-wise or regularly, are accepted with pleasure: studio@radio6150.de   Let your voice be heard!

And whoever wants to join a discussion about us:

One more interesting link for all those who don't know it yet: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/
Here you can receive our station (and other stations) live.

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