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Noves emissions de Welle 370

L'emissora alemanya Welle 370 emetrà els propers dies a través de Radio 700 d'acord amb la següent informació:

Welle 370 on "700 RADIO" Koenigswusterhausen, Germany.
As previously announced two weeks ago, "Welle 370" is not only from Saturday
to hear local transmission on 810 kHz in Koenigs Wusterhausen, but also on
our frequencies of Radio 700, like two years ago.
There will be a daily 15 minute summary, here is the schedule for the period
from Sunday to Sunday.
Schedule "Welle 370" to RADIO 700
From Sunday 05 August 2012 to Sunday inclusive, 12 August 2012.
0340 to 0355 UT 3955 kHz
(the first time on Monday, 06 August 2012, repeating the previous day)
1015 to 1030 UT 6005 kHz
1640 to 1655 UT 6005 kHz
1940 to 1955 UT 3995 kHz
The start times are approximate and depend on the total length of the program.
Reception Reports please contact:
"Friends of Sender Koenigs Wusterhausen e.V."
Welle 370
Senderhaus 1, Funkerberg 20
15711 Koenigs Wusterhausen
Or by mail: 
The project website: <http://welle370.funkerberg.de/>

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