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Nous programes de Nord AM aquest cap de setmana

Nous programes de Nord AM aquest cap de setmana, tant dissabte com diumenge a través de Radio 700 i l'emissor de Kalle. Aquest és el missatge rebut de l'emissora:

Dear listeners and friends, At first, we have to point out that we were very happy and really surprised to receive so much feedback and reception reports from all over Europe (andone from Japan, even!).
We decided to make your weekend a little bit better than it may be alreadyand are happy to announce the next broadcast of NordAM. This time, we are playing records only and will have some songs on the shows which are notplayed so often on the usual radio-stations. But of course there will besome evergreens you all know. ;-) So do not forget to tune in to the wonderful world of shortwave radio and especially to these frequencies (forat least 50 minutes):
Saturday, 10-03-2012:
1400-1450 UTC: 6005 kHz (15.00 CET)
2200-2250 UTC: 3995 kHz (23.00 CET)
Sunday, 11-03-2012:
0400-0450 UTC: 3995 kHz (05.00 CET)
Once again, we use Radio 700's transmitters in Kall-Krekel, Germany (with 1000 Watts). Furthermore, we can be heard on Radio 700's online livestreaming. Just go to and choose the frequency we are currently broadcasting on. Of course, we are looking forward to hearing from you so you are invited tosend your thoughts and comments to our email-address. Feel free to forward this message to your DXing friends. We are excited to read (and hear?) where our little "student-radio-project" can be received and also look forward to receiving your reception reports. We will confirm them with our QSL card viaregular mail (or e-mail). Please send all your letters and reports to: nordam @ shortwaveservice.com.
All the best and kind regards, Torben & Daniel
P.S: More details about Radio 700: www.radio700.eu. Our transmission is madepossible thanks to www.shortwaveservice.com (see this page for technicaldetails and schedule updates!).

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