dissabte, 31 de desembre del 2011

Nou programa de Nord AM

Nord AM emetrà demà, 1 de gener, un nou programa a través de Kall, Alemanya. La informació rebuda directament de l'emissora és la següent:

2011 comes to its end - and we were wondering how we could make New Year even greater than it is already. And we were sure the only possible way is a special broadcast of NordAM with lots of unbelievably good music. So forgetwhat you were planning to do and do tune in to good old shortwave:
1500-1600 UTC: 6005, 3995 kHz
2000-2100 UTC: 3995 kHz

Please note that this schedule is in UTC. Our show is transmitted at 16.00 /21.00 Central European Time (CET). We use Radio 700's transmitters inKall-Krekel, Germany (1000 Watts). Please note our new frequency 3995 kHz. We are part of Radio700's testing for Radio HCJB which is going to use thisfrequency in the future with a bigger schedule. So your reception reportsabout 3995 kHz will not only help NordAM or Radio 700 but also HCJB.
All reception reports (3995 AND 6005 of course) will be confirmed with our QSL card (via regular mail or email, as you wish). Please send your reportsto our address: nordam@shortwaveservice.com
NordAM is also audible via Radio 700's online streaming here: http://www.shortwaveservice.com/?page_id=25 (please see our schedule andchoose the 3995 or 6005 link). Our own Facebook page is available at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NordAM/231948116860158

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