divendres, 17 de setembre del 2010

QSL Report


RAE, 15345, E-QSL in 1 day for e-report to barrera@arg.sicoar.com. v/s Gabriel Iván Barrera, sadly disappeared recently!


Radio Bahrain, 6010, partly detailed letter of confirmation for an old reception report. Address: Box 1075, Manama, Bahrain. v/s Abdulla Al-Baloushi, Director Technical Affairs. New radio country verified! (Thanks to info published by Jim Evans, TN).


Voice of Vietnam, via Sackville, 6175, QSL (with tx site), photo of studios in 15 weeks. Report to Voice of Vietnam, 58 Quan Su Street, Hanoi.


TWR, 1233, QSL for e-report to twre@twr.org and amwhite@twr.org. Answer came by post from office in Austria.


RFA Kuwait, 7505, QSL for e-report to qsl@rfa.org, in 3 weeks.


R. Pridnestrovie, 9665, E-QSL in 1 day for e-report to radiopmr@inbox.ru. v/s Anatoly Kirsa, Director.


Medi 1, 9575, QSL, personal letter, sticker in 13 weeks for e-report to technique@medi1.com


Polskie Radio, 9770, E-QSL in 1 day for e-report via their web, English Service.


RDP, 11905, special QSL commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Portuguese Public Radio, personal letter, in 1 year! v/s Paula Nunes, for report via their web.


DW Kimjae, 9785, QSL, greetings card, sticker in 2 weeks for e-report to info@dw-world.de


IBB Udon Thani, 12130, QSL in 4 weeks for e-report to manager_thailand@tha.ibb.gov


R. Ukraine Int, 7440, QSL, schedule for e-report to vsru@nrcu.gov.ua in 4 weeks
DW Simferopol, 7510, QSL in 3 weeks for e-report to info@dw-world.de


EWTN, 5810, QSL in 6 months for e-report to canalcatolico@ewtn.com


Atlantic 2000 International, via R. Amica, 7610, QSL, info, v/s Tiphanie in 1 week for e-report to atlantic2000international@gmail.com
Relmus Radio, 1665, E-QSL in 1 day for e-report to relmusfm@hotmail.com
R. Barones, 1665, E-QSL in 2 days for e-report to 3927am@rock.com
WR International, 12257, QSL, calendar, pen, personal letter in 2 weeks for e-report to radio@wrinternational.co.uk. v/s Dave Jones.

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