diumenge, 31 de gener de 2021

Programa especial d'aniversari de Channel 292

On February 1st, we present on all three frequencies our special program to celebrate 10 years Radio Channel 292 on shortwave from 0000 to 2300 CET.

Schedule here:

The time is donated by Radio Channel 292. If you would like to support us on this special day, you can sponsor a program: By donating an amount you can choose, starting with 10 Euros, you can tell us which one of the programs you want to present. Before this program starts, we will bring a short announcement: "The following program is presented by (Name of the sponsor)"

If you don't want to be named, please tell us on the PayPal transaction!
You can book and pay the sponsoring here: (Please choose the "friends" option)
Paypal info@channel292.de

Please tell us, which program + time you want to present! Your booking must be in not later than 2400 CET on Saturday, January 30th.
And thank you in advance for all sponsors!

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