dissabte, 27 de febrer de 2016

Noves emissions de Channel 292

Finally we are back on air on a regular basis and with high power. Here are some news:

We are running some tests in MFSK 32. If you can decode this, the next tests will be aired:
Sunday Febr. 28th, 0200 UTC for the U.S. and Canada
Sunday Febr. 28th, 1100 UTC for Europe
These tests have been received and decoded even in Japan!

On Sunday there will be some more interesting programs, to be found here:

If you should be interested in our "Airtime for free" campaign in March, please write us an
eMail; if you already did, but got no answer, please write again. Some Mails might have
got lost.

Kind regards

Rainer Ebeling
Radio Channel 292
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1

Tel:    +49 8442 - 95 39 01
Fax:    +49 8442 - 95 48 93

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