dilluns, 6 d’abril de 2015

QSL Follow the Bible Ministries

Follow the Bible Ministries, 12050 KHz, emissora religiosa nord-americana via Babcock, illa d'Ascensió. Rebut e-mail de confirmació (vegeu més avall) signat per David Hoff, que promet una QSL aviat. L'informe va ser enviat a followthebibleministries@yahoo.com. Web: www.followthebibleministries.com.

Dear Artur, 
Thank you for your reception report. We really appreciate it.  We are a new ministry and do not have QSL cards yet. We are  ordering those and when they arrive, we will send one to you. 
Your report has been checked and found correct. So, we can confirm that  on 22 March 2015, at 19.00 UTC and on 12050 KHz, you listened to  Follow the Bible Ministries broadcasting from Ascension Island. 
Best Regards, 
David Hoff 
Follow The Bible Ministries

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