dissabte, 7 de juny de 2014

Nou programa d'FRSH diumenge

Aquest és el missatge rebut:

Hallo FRS Friends,
Next Whit Sunday June 8th FRS-Holland will be on air with a regular Sunday evening broadcast.
We start at 15:52 UTC/ 17:52 CEST and 6 hours later close down will be at 22.03 UTC/ 00:03 CEST.
Frequencies will be 7700 kHz/ 39 metres as well as 9301 kHz/31 metres.
Programmes will consist of the well known line up including FRS Magazine/PV, the German Show/Jan van Dijk, Dave Scott/Radio Waves, 1980s Show/Paul Graham & FRS Golden Show/Roger Davis. Previous reports will be verified as soon as possible.....don't worry!!
On Sunday June 15th we will repeat the broadcast via the Internet: [http://nednl.net:8000/frsh.m3u]. 
For mobile devices there is a 24 kbps mono stream: [ http://nednl.net:8000/frsh24.m3u].
Enjoy next Sunday's broadcast...
73s, the FRS team

a Balance between Music & Information joined to one Format....FRS-Holland
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6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands
e-mail: < frs@frsholland.nl>

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