dissabte, 2 d’abril de 2011

Free Radio Nova

He rebut un missatge de Frank Carson, operador de Free Radio Nova, que sembla haver aconseguit una llicència per emetre legalment. La idea és començar a emetre pels 3935 KHz per l'estiu d'aquest any. El missatge és el següent:

This afternoon we have just heard from the 'Agentschap Telecom' and the great news is that the shortwave radio license for Free Radio Nova has been granted! This means our team behind the application now has a maximum of two years to fund and set up the radio studios needed to broadcast legally Free Radio Nova on 3.935 kHz.
Free Radio Nova' project coordinator said in the 'Algemeen Dagblad', "This is a massive boost to the shortwave community group, and we look forward to being the extra voice. We realise there is now a new list of things to do, and the work will be long and hard - but our plan is to start official broadcastings by Summer 2011."
Free Radio Nova upon launching, will broadcast for a total of five years, and openly encourages anyone and everyone with an interest in shortwave broadcasting, to get in touch. Tony, a resident from Kijkduin says, "This radio station is for all the people, and we invite everybody to get involved at whatever level they wish. If you have an interest in presenting a radio programme, then, with a small amount of training, why not come and present your own show?"
We can be contacted through our website.
Best Reagards Frank Carson, owner and operator of the fully licensed shortwave radio station Nova

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